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Mother's Day: a sensual family celebration - with a twist of ancestral healing?

Updated: Jun 24

Mother's Day: a sensual family celebration - with a twist of ancestral healing?

Sunday May 14th, 2023 brings a lot of loving, receptive and sensual 'astro weather' for the celebration of Mother's Day - perhaps with a twist of healing some hindering heritage.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 5th may have rattled some skeletons in the family closets, whatever it is that each of us has inherited. The teachings of the eclipse have hopefully been collected, the intensity has begun to dissipate and we’ve hopefully climbed back onto dry land from the deep waters of the psyche. We get to celebrate Mother's Day in softer, loving and enjoyable energies, with the planets in Pisces, Taurus and Cancer forming two minor grand trines. Taurus gathers the group together physically around an unhurried brunch table, to dry off from all kinds of currents and waters.

And what better time to celebrate our mothers and motherhood than Taurus season, when Mother Earth herself, lifegiver to us all, is rapidly coming back to life. How about a hearty, nutritious brunch outside in the garden, enjoying the sunshine, birdsong and flowering plants? In addition to the Sun, Mercury is also in Taurus, stationing right on Mother’s Day after its retrograde period of the last few weeks, as if to catch its breath before moving forward again.

Perhaps the combined effect of the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde took us back in time and thoughts to the concrete and psychic inheritance left by our ancestors. And with Mercury now stationing right next to the North Node, the collective direction of humanity, maybe Mother's Day will still bring forth a family discussion and a review of the teachings of the family lineage? And specifically grounding them in the present day, so that we can take with us the practical wisdom that helps us live a better lives now.

Venus and Mars are aptly residing in the sign of motherhood and nurturing, emotional and intuitive Cancer. Cancer and its ruler, the Moon, also symbolize our internalized experience of ‘mother’, as well as our relationship with our own family and roots. Venus in Cancer brings a family-oriented and nostalgic approach to our relationships, and Mars in Cancer acts in the best interests of the family. However, planets in Cancer can also act indirectly or at least seemingly illogically, and cling to the past. Uranus, the black sheep of the family, goer-of-their-own-path, shaker-upper of norms is however also present at the brunch table - so it is possible that some suspense and surprises arise. In addition to Uranus, Mars also gets a kick out of Jupiter in Aries, so perhaps some pent-up family burden will finally be brought forth into daylight - or maybe your family will decide to celebrate Mother's Day in a way contrary to tradition. Hopefully, with an intent to let go of some layer of the past that no longer serves, because Neptune's influence on Mars from Pisces specifically dispels sharpness and creates a motivation for action in collective compassion.

Indeed, Neptune and Saturn are co-present in Pisces - both limitlessness and limits, in their handsome paradox - as is the mother Moon. The Moon in Pisces is able to hold an unlimited amount of love and empathy for everyone and everything, not just their own biological children. Summing up, we could say that the first minor grand trine - Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces - serves emphatic, family wisdom crystallizing, emotional conversations at the brunch table. The second minor grand trine - the Sun (and Uranus) in Taurus, Mars in Cancer and Neptune (and the Moon) in Pisces - may bring frustration looking for a direction to release, hopefully finding it specifically directed by emotional or intuitive wisdom or a higher connection.

As a combination of these, the energies of Mother's Day optimally serve a real cornucopia of both emotional and physical nourishment and care. The more we are able to act guided by our own loving intuition, the more solid of a bedrock we can build on our family roots, tomorrow and in general.

Wishing a loving Mother's Day to all mothers and their children,


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