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The build-up towards rebirth in relationship(s) and value(s)

Updated: Jun 24

The Moon is full at 13° Sagittarius on Sunday June 4th, 2023 (6.41 AM GMT-3). With the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini, the axis of thinking, learning, communicating and truth-seeking is activated. The Full Moon always brings a culmination of whatever seeds we planted at the respective New Moon six months earlier, so this time we are checking back to the New Moon at 1° Sagittarius on Nov 24th, 2022. Extremely fittingly, both the current Full Moon and the past New Moon charts center relationships, value(s) and resources - how we think about them, and what truths we hold about them.

There is lots of caring, empathy and heart-centered energy at play during this Full Moon, with planets in Pisces, Cancer and Leo. However, with Pluto in the picture, power dynamics are brewing under the surface and intensity may be rising.

Extremely prominent in this Full Moon chart is the opposition of Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Aquarius. Where Cancer is about the home, nurturing, sensitivity, and emotions, Aquarius distances itself from anything too human and takes an analytical, higher level perspective. Pluto in Aquarius is challenging us to break away from convention and transform our relationships and value systems towards freedom and equality - if we haven't done that yet… Pluto retrograding is making sure we go back and check. But.

With Venus currently in Cancer and Pluto about to dip back into Capricorn June 11th, the tradition-upholding axis is at play too - perhaps reminding us that even within renewal of values whether around relationships or otherwise, let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Not all traditional approaches are 'bad' or restricting, and not everything done in the name of progress and freedoms comes from a truly loving and enabling place.

We are being challenged to understand the difference, and determine what that might mean for each of us personally. With a similar line of thinking:

The 'asteroid of marriage' Juno is conjunct the Sun in Gemini, the sign of curiosity, playfulness, and even lack of commitment to a single cause. This may communicate an air of 'anything and everything goes'. Not so fast though.

The Moon in Sagittarius opposite Juno challenges us to commit to our own truth and not just aimlessly meander and buzz around.

The dark feminine Lilith is conjunct Venus, emphasizing ancestral healing and the potential to make choices that others before you maybe haven't been able to. However, not only the inner feminine but also the inner masculine is under pressure from Pluto to shed its skin. The Moon in Sagittarius forms a grand trine in the fire element together with Mars in Leo and Chiron in Aries, bringing additional potential for healing.

Talk about the inner feminine represented by Venus, and the inner masculine represented by Mars. Another major shift that we are building up towards here is the shift of the nodes (the North Node and South Node) from the Taurus-Scorpio axis into the Aries-Libra axis on July 12th, which is the axis that Mars and Venus rule respectively. The nodal axis represents humanity's collective destiny, which with Aries and Libra will center on building balance between the self and others, the inner masculine and the inner feminine, our actions and our values.

One step on the way towards this new nodal balancing act is Venus moving from Cancer into Leo June 5th, the day following the Full Moon. Whereas Cancer represents our inner mother and inner child from the perspective of nurturing, Leo represents our inner child acting out of the sheer joy of creation and play, proudly showcasing its manifestation to the world and awaiting acknowledgment. In Cancer, Venus has been focused on the home and emotional safety in relationships - in Leo, she is all about having fun and feeling alive 💃🏻🦁

How and what we love and value in life is about to get a more passionate, even flashy and dramatic flare.

A balanced Venus in Leo is far from superficial, though: she is heart-centered, genuine and has integrity and backbone. Still, she does want to be acknowledged and is not afraid of being the center of attention. Mars is already in the sign of Leo, so the inner dance of masculine and feminine is firing up. However, interestingly, Venus doesn't catch up to Mars until late February 2024, when they will already be in Aquarius, the sign opposite from Leo. This happens because Venus will bask in the sun of Leo for her entire upcoming retrograde period and so effectively stay in that sign three whole months (until Oct 9th)! Check out which houses Leo falls in in your birth chart - those will be the areas of life that may receive a burst of creativity and resources but also a re-evaluation of what's in alignment with your inner self and especially your inner child.

To summarize, here are some major steps in the inner dance of the masculine and feminine that we are undergoing:

  • Full Moon at 13° Sagittarius - June 4th, 2023

  • Venus leaves Cancer and enters Leo - June 5th

  • Pluto retrogrades back from Aquarius into Capricorn - June 11th

  • The nodal axis shifts from Taurus-Scorpio into Aries-Libra - July 12th

How these energies manifest in your life depends greatly on what your relationship with them is to begin with - for example, both Capricornian tradition as well as Plutonic transformation can raise fear or bring freedom depending on how one approaches them. Want to hear more about how all these shifts affect your birth chart? Do check out my webshop or get in touch at!

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