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GIFTCARD: Birth chart reading

Astrology is a powerful tool for personal discovery and growth. Each of us is a unique composition of the 12 astrological energies. A birth chart reading is a collaborative discussion around how and in which areas of your life these energies are present. The reading contains main themes such as identity, relationships and career or life mission more broadly. Strengths, potential challenges, and patterns are looked at, as well as potential growth paths to live a life more in alignment with oneself.


The reading consists of a video call session of 1h to 1h 30min with an optional recording of the call and a pdf of the birth chart.


All my services are available in English and Finnish


You will receive a pdf download of your giftcard upon purchase. Giftcards are valid for 1 year from purchase.

GIFTCARD: Birth chart reading

79,00 €Price
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