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Support for parents - 4 sessions

The service includes 4 x 1h 30min video call sessions, which can be recorded if desired. The first session is a birth chart reading for the child. During the second session, a plan focusing on personalized, everyday tips and solutions for relevant parenting challenges is made. The 3rd and 4th sessions are collaborative check-ins, where progress can be discussed and reviewed and adjustments made to the plan. The service is jointly produced by astrologer Saila Kokkonen and special education teacher Camilla Ojala.


Birth chart reading for the child (session 1) 

Astrology is a powerful tool for personal discovery and growth. Each of us is a unique composition of the 12 astrological energies. A child’s birth chart reading is a collaborative discussion with you the parent or caregiver around how and in which areas of your child's life these energies are present. The reading allows you to deepen your understanding of your child, from for example the perspectives of their identity, motivation, interests, communication, emotional life and relationships. Strengths, potential challenges, and patterns are looked at, as well as potential growth paths in life.


You will be requested to provide your child's exact time of birth to the minute, as well as place of birth, to be able to prepare the birth chart before the video call session. 


Parenting support (sessions 2-4)

In sessions 2-4, we will discuss possible parenting or upbringing challenges together. The discussion will utilize the observations and insights that arose in the child's birth chart reading. The goal is to collaboratively find reasons and understanding for a challenging situation or the child's behavior. The purpose is also to support parenting by giving a few personalized tips or solutions that take into account the child's age and developmental stage, which can be used at home and in everyday life. The sessions will be had between intervals that fit the family situation, to best support the resolution of the challenge at hand: to allow sufficient time for everyday adjustments to be made as well as to review progress. 




The service is jointly produced by astrologer Saila Kokkonen (Tmi Purpose Works) and special education teacher Camilla Ojala (@vanhemmuudenvalossa).


Saila is particularly fascinated by human relationships, family dynamics and the impact of ancestral inheritance on the soul's growth path. Through more performance-oriented self-development and social entrepreneurship, Saila has moved towards a more holistic, closer to nature, more heart-oriented life. For her, astrology is the most subtle, multidimensional, comprehensive and fascinating lens into the human psyche. She sees herself as a connector of dots and a verbalizer of meanings, and with the tool of astrology helps others to understand their own uniqueness: their own parts, thought and action patterns, phases, cycles, transitions - and to increase empathy towards themselves.


Camilla is an empathetic special education teacher with a strong nurturing spirit and a mother who enjoys being a parent. She is enthusiastic about energy healing for children and supporting families in a multidimensional way. Camilla is a solution-oriented truth seeker who gets excited by challenges and contradictions. Parenthood has been an exciting journey to self-knowledge for Camilla. On the path of parenthood, she has discovered the needs for improvement related to her own well-being. Camilla is particularly interested in the following educational themes: Connection and needs, safety and boundaries, participation and independence, feelings and emotions, sensitivity and overload, children's uniqueness, adult modeling and support, and growing and developing together with children.




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Support for parents - 4 sessions

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