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"Your family's legacy - your story" astrological consultation series

Do the echoes of past generations have a restrictive impact on your life today? Do you lack full ownership of your own patterns of feeling, thinking and acting?


Welcome to a healing deep dive into your roots - the birth charts of you and your relatives!


The series explores and compares the birth charts of you, your parents and grandparents. We’ll need your own exact birth time to the minute - for your relatives, their birth dates as well as places of birth will suffice.


The consultation series consists of 4 video call sessions of 1h30min each, with reflections and other small exercises in between the sessions to deepen self-knowledge and family knowledge. The consultations will take place approximately every 2 weeks and it is recommended that at least 2-3h be set aside for the exercises in between each session. The more time you invest, the more you will get out of the process❤️



Please read more detailed descriptions of the consultation sessions and series on its own page here!



Please consider the impact of the process on yourself❤️


The consultation series helps you reflect on your feelings and experiences around your family, possibly from different perspectives than before. It is designed to pause on very difficult questions and the process can stir up some very strong emotions, so please only choose this process for yourself from a situation where you feel you have the time, the energy and the basic sense of security to deal with what may come up for you in the process. The consultation series is not a substitute for therapy or professional support for mental health issues or trauma, but is a facilitated process for deepening self and family knowledge. The consultations are interactive situations, where the more you give of yourself, the more you get - please don't come to 'just listen' to what I have to say about your family’s birth charts.


The whole consultation series for only 299 EUR! (valued at 799 EUR)


Due to the amount of manual work involved in the consultation series, only 7 will be available for purchase in winter-spring 2024❤️ These affordable prices will also not be available any time after, so act now if this is for you!😊

All my services come with a money back guarantee for 14 days after delivery (in the case of the consultation series, 14 days after the first consultation), if you are not satisfied.


Let's rebirth your family's story as a resource for your own path, from your ancestral heritage to your own vision for the future!

"Your family's legacy - your story" astrological consultation series

299,00 €Price
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