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Night Sky astrology

Who are you?
Why are you here?
And with whom?

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Those are questions I'd love to help you discover more about. So that you are able to 
  • understand and accept your unique self with all of its parts, patterns, and processes;
  • gain clarity and direction for your unique purpose in this life; and
  • flourish in your relationships with your fellow humans.
All in all, so that you can create a life more in tune with your soul's highest potential!
Misty Forest Reflection

Imagine what it would feel like to live in such a natural flow of life that you wouldn't need to doubt yourself or hesitate about where you spend your energy at any given time.

What it would feel like to trust that you are exactly as you should be, and your life is exactly where it should be. To be able live a full life in this very moment.

Does this describe your life right now? Absolutely awesome! Not quite? No worries. Astrology can support you both on your inner journey and in your everyday life:

No more...

🙅shackled images of a certain "right" way to live life or judging yourself/others when you deviate from this 🙅feeling that your life lacks direction or meaning, or that life is wasting away 🙅beating yourself up when things don't go the way you want, or you feel like you've failed at something 🙅constant doubts or uncertainty about whether you should be doing this or that instead… 🙅mental energy slipping through your fingers, wasted on constant re-prioritization of to-do lists in your mind 🙅powerlessness over not being able to do anything about your internal, limiting programming, i.e. emotional blocks, thought patterns or ways of acting 🙅compulsive need to control external reality in order to gain inner acceptance or peace

Instead, you'll experience more...

🥰understanding and appreciation for the individuality and inner diversity of yourself and others, with their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges 🥰awareness of your own programming, i.e. your ways of feeling, thinking and acting, and the ability to live with them to your benefit 🥰understanding of the impact you have on the people in your life and that they have on you - and tools to improve these relationships 🥰compassion and gentleness towards yourself even when things don't go as expected 🥰ability to see connections between events and understand the deeper meaning behind them 🥰increased trust in your own direction, your inner wisdom and your heart's voice, i.e. the guidance of your own inner compass 🥰confidence to make choices that look like you and move toward your own direction in life 🥰trust that you are spending your time and energy on the right things 🥰ability to let go of control and surrender to the waves of life, trusting that things will work out as they should 🥰inner peace and the ability to be more present in the moment: for yourself and your loved ones


Work with me

I'm an astrologer and coach focusing on relationships, family dynamics, ancestral and intergenerational healing as well as aligning with the soul's growth path

My services include 

  • Birth charts for adults and children

  • Current life timings

  • Synastry within couples and families

  • Astrological coaching

  • Giftcards and written summaries of consultations

All my services are available in Finnish and English, with a money-back guarantee for 14 days post-delivery, if you are not satisfied.

Saila Purpose Works
There are issues ongoing with the Finnish language version of my webpage, especially on the product and purchase pages. The issues are being worked on with the service provider. My apologies for any inconvenience and I thank you for your patience. Please get in touch with me personally if any concerns about the texts you encounter.
Warmly, Saila
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How others have benefited

My sessions with Saila were incredibly insightful of the energies that are present in my life. After the sessions, I met myself with more self-compassion, an increased level of self-awareness and an understanding of my own growth and comfort areas in life. Saila is an incredibly talented communicator, she is a light on this planet, and this reflects in her way of working to support your growth. I can warm-heartedly recommend her services - they are fun and deep at the same time. ❤️


Field Sunset

About me

My name is Saila and I’m a perfectly imperfect human with a passion for connecting the dots and weaving webs of meaning between seemingly unrelated events, situations and worlds. I interpret symbology and act as messenger to support how we humans live and grow; socially, emotionally and spiritually; individually and collectively.

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Astrovanhempi ("Astroparent") is a collaboration together with special education teacher Camilla Ojala (IG: @vanhemmuudenvalossa) bringing to life the benefits of astrology for parenting and education of children in a way that values and supports the individual nature of both children and parents. The videos are in Finnish.

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