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Night Sky astrology

Who are you?
Why are you here?
And with whom?

Saila Purpose Works
Those are questions I'd love to help you discover more about: understand and accept your unique self with all of its parts, patterns, and processes; gain clarity and direction for your unique purpose in this life; and flourish in your relationships with your fellow humans - so that you can create a life more in tune with your soul's highest potential.

Work with me

I'm an astrologer and coach focusing on relationships, family dynamics, ancestral and intergenerational healing as well as

aligning with the soul's growth path

My services include 

  • Birth charts for adults and children

  • Current life timings

  • Synastry within couples and families

  • Astrological coaching

  • Giftcards and written summaries of consultations

All my services are available in English and Finnish

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My sessions with Saila were incredibly insightful of the energies that are present in my life. After the sessions, I met myself with more self-compassion, an increased level of self-awareness and an understanding of my own growth and comfort areas in life. Saila is an incredibly talented communicator, she is a light on this planet, and this reflects in her way of working to support your growth. I can warm-heartedly recommend her services - they are fun and deep at the same time. ❤️


Field Sunset

About me

My name is Saila and I’m a perfectly imperfect human with a passion for connecting the dots and weaving webs of meaning between seemingly unrelated events, situations and worlds. I interpret symbology and act as messenger to support how we humans live and grow; socially, emotionally and spiritually; individually and collectively.

Saila Purpose Works
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