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Family consultation incl. birth charts & synastry

Astrology is a powerful tool for discovery and growth within the self and one’s relationships. Each of us is a unique composition of the 12 astrological energies. The way that those energies work together with others’ energies varies widely - that’s why we bring out different things in one another. The art of synastry is about exploring what any two people touch, trigger, enhance, and reflect in each other, for better or for worse. 


This consultation looks at family dynamics: strengths, potential challenges, opportunities, patterns and growth paths that members of your family awaken in each other, by studying your birth charts. You may want to discuss themes such as communication, motivation, interests, emotional life, meeting of needs and division of roles within your family. 


The basic price contains birth chart readings for 1 adult and 1 child, including synastry between the individuals. The consultation consists of 2 collaborative discussions, done as video call sessions of 1h 30min to 2h with the option to record the calls. You will be provided with pdfs of your birth charts after the sessions.


You will be requested to provide your exact times of birth to the minute, as well as your places of birth


You can choose if you would like to purchase an additional written report of the main points of your reading (+99 EUR), which will be delivered within 3 weeks of your video call session. 


You can also add on more family members to the consultation (+79 EUR for another adult, +49 EUR per additional child). Depending on the overall amount of family members, the consultation may be spread out over additional sessions. 


If you cannot find a fitting solution for your family, please contact with your request and I will tailor a package for your needs.


All my services are available in English and Finnish.

Family consultation incl. birth charts & synastry

PriceFrom 199,00 €
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